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  1. The Stars
    My vstar currently has a commander II in the front and a shinko 777 in the rear, it seems the shinkos only last around 5k miles (give or take) and I'm really looking for something that I can take longer road trips on without burning through multiple sets of tires in a single season. I've heard...
  2. The Stars
    Got a question I am looking for backrest for my v star 950 2009. I am finding a lot of 1300 options but very few 950. I am curious and hoping that someone might know. How does the 950 and 1300 compare in interchangeable parts? Cause I find a lot more 1300 parts then 950 in general. Thanks
  3. The Stars
    I have OEM saddle bags on my v star 950 2009 and my right bags lock is broken. Does anyone know of anywhere the sells the locks or anything that I could fix it with?
  4. The Stars
    On my v star 950 both my rear and front brake master cylinder are bad and need to be rebuilt. I am having the hardest time finding a rebuilt kit for the 950 master cylinder. Closest thing is on eBay but I wont be getting it till may and I don’t want to wait that long. Is there anyway you could...
1-4 of 4 Results