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  1. Boats
    Hey, I have a Yamaha 40 hp 2 stroke outboard engine from 1990 and it runs fine otherwise but when I try to start planing it struggles. Then when I am planing ti doesn't rev all the way but I can here it trying. The revs move up and down without changing the throttle amount. Can it be a issue...
  2. WR/YZ 250F
    I installed new clutchplates since the last ones where burnt, now whenever i start it, it will spark but it won't start, even whenI try a moving start: -my battery is okay, it works perfectly -it can change to all the gears i need it to -holding clutch in while in neutral doesnt make it work...
  3. Snowmobile
    I recently purchased a used 2006 VK Professional in excellent condition with only 963 KM. Previous owner had it totally tuned-up, carb kit ,fuel lines... ran perfectly at the shop where I picked it up. loaded into my cargo trailer and brought it home. Installed a trickle charger for the battery...
1-3 of 3 Results