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  1. The Stars
    Looking for options to challenge the insurance settlement. I crashed my 2000 Yamaha v star 1100 - with sidecar a week ago. I am fine - but she is written off :-( Insurance placed the value of the rig at $4,000.00 because of the high mileage over 150,000 km. I put a lot of $$$ in to the...
  2. The Stars
    I have a side car on my 2000 v star 1100 - I know the weight limit on my bike - but given some of this weight is on wheels and not packed on the bike - I am trying to sort out what is a safe weight? Any thoughts? Thanks
  3. Cruisers
    Hi I’m relatively new, and a very new rider. I have a 2000 V star classic 1100 with a Sidecar. I’ve been having problems with my clutch, it’s been suggested my bike isn’t robust enough to handle the weight of Sidecar. I’m replacing my clutch way too often. My question, has anybody had this...
1-3 of 3 Results