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  1. Golf Carts
    I'm rebuilding the motor in my Yamaha G2 Golf Cart and bought the kit with a .50 over piston, I'm wondering if the cylinder is sleeved with "Nickecel" for harder cylinder? Does anyone know if I can just bore it out and be ok or do I need to pull the sleeve and have it re-plated after I bore it...
  2. YZ 400/426/450
    Hey guys, i have been offered a 2009 yz450f for an asking price of $800.00 . I know the guy who has it. He got it in trade. He owns a auto salvage yard. I will go to see the bike this week. What ive been told is the engine will turn but it doesnt have compression. I am up for a repair job at...
  3. Projects and "How To"
    So here is the 2007 R6 that I went to pick up from NY. These are just the beginning pictures so it will look ugly for a week or two but it's a start. Hopefully by the weekend I will get some pictures of the bike by itself and then next week I should start getting it looking pretty again.
1-3 of 3 Results