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  1. Events for Fun!
    Who's in?! Probably do something around October or so. Post up what you guys think and where would be a good place to meet up.
  2. Announcements
    Since we are starting to get more and more members weekly, I am gonna get the ball rolling for SHOWOFF starting in the month of March (as long as we get enough submissions). Rules: -Show between 3 and 5 pictures of your ride -Include what upgrades have been made -Cannot submit your ride more...
  3. Sport / Super Sport
    Anybody got any input on the R1? I currently have a pair of 6's and they are great for the streets. Fell in love with the white '09 R1 when it came out and am now talking with my local dealer about getting one before summer comes. I know the R1 is gonna have a good amount more power, but is...
1-3 of 3 Results