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  1. Waverunners
    Anyone know if there is a PDF for this engine? My internet searches have proved pretty fruitless. Mainly looking for torque specifications for this engine if anyone happens to have those. Any help would be appreciate, thanks!
  2. Waverunners
    I am in search of a service manual for the EX series, I own 3 of them and mabye one of you out there has a digital or a physical copy you wouldn't mind sharing. I only want for personal use when one breaks, and even just getting the right oil change routine down. hopefully somebody can help!
  3. Projects and "How To"
    Carbs/Fuel Injection 1. How to Richen or Lean your fuel map without a Power Comander (03+) 2. Carb Removal 3. Factory CV Carb Tuning 4. Carb Diagrams - Mikuni and Keihin carbs from Sudco Racing 5. Velocity Stack Install 6. AIS Block off (how to stop decel popping) 7. Ivan's Jet Kit...
  4. YZF-R6, R6S, 600R
    1999 R6 Service Manual 2000 R6 Supplementary Manual 2001 R6 Supplementary Manual 2003 R6 Service Manual 2004 R6 Supplementary Manual 2005 R6 Supplementary Manual 03-04 YEC Race Manual 2006 R6 Service Manual 2007 R6 Service Manual 2006 R6S Service Manual 2007 R6S Service Manual...
1-4 of 4 Results