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  1. Golf Carts
    Im rebuilding a G16e and can't understand why this cart is being a PITA!! When I press the accelerator, it doesn't move foraward until i've pressed it almost all the way to the floor. And when it goes....it explodes forward at one speed...same in reverse....WTH?? Solenoid...Throttle sensor...
  2. Golf Carts
    Yamaha Golf-Car Company | Service & Parts Yamaha Parts: TNT Golf Car & Equipment Co. Performance Engine Upgrades
  3. Golf Carts
    The following data may be helpful in comparing batteries among different manufacturers. Please keep in mind that only deep cycle batteries specifically designed for golf carts should be utilized in our carts. In fact, deep cycle "marine" type batteries will usually not work satisfactorily. And...
  4. Yamahaforum.com Site Issue Forum
    As you know, Yamaha is a leader in the golf carts industry. they offer both electric and gas ones. I was wondering if I should add a section for it? What do you think? :)
1-4 of 4 Results