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  1. Golf Carts
    I have been looking at the cart for a little bit and it was here do it it not turning over. I found a blown fuse, I replaced the fuse and cart turns over but now it does not run. The engine turns over with an occasional fire but not enough to run. pulled spark plug and cleaned off the unburnt...
  2. Golf Carts
    I recently acquired a 1993 Yamaha G9EJ Golf Cart and I got the manual online for it, but I didn't see anywhere in it, what the voltage was for the charger and what size batteries I need for it. It looks to take 4 batteries 2 big 2 small/medium. If anyone can help me with figuring out what...
  3. Golf Carts
    Hi folks, I have read a lot of information on a few forums this past few days. wow I just purchased a G1 was told it was an 84 and it has an 84 manual but under vin # is 85/09 so I would think 85 or even 86 model built in 85. LOL. this is not that important but the real issue is... Both...
1-3 of 3 Results