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  1. Waverunners
    Hello there, curious if anyone has insights on excessive white smoke coming from the exhaust/jet region on a 2019 Yamaha Ex Waverunner, please and thanks. Background: Waverunner was running fine after a recent swap out of the spark plugs. Shortly after, abrasion damage to the hull forced me to...
  2. Classics
    I recently acquired a non running 1975 XS500, once I got it running, took a carb clean and swapping the old gas, it ran okay for about 50 mi and then started to freak out on me, I have all the symptoms of running lean (sporadic revving at idle, taking forever to rev down after stopping, engine...
  3. Zuma
    Looking at buying a 70cc big bore kit for my 2009 Yamaha yw50. I am on an extreme budget & cannot afford both a BBK & a performance exhaust. Is there any modifications I can do to the stock exhaust to make it perform better & help me get more power out of a BBK?
  4. V-Max & Virago
    Hi, I am looking for a petcock for my 1989 XV500 Special Edition. I can find this model https://www.cmsnl.com/yamaha-xv500k-virago-1983_model8940/fuel-cock-assy_22u2450001/, but I find the price tag a bit excessive and am hoping to find either one with a more resaonable price, or the joint...
  5. 2 Strokes
    So, I picked up a '67 YL1 a few months ago, first bike I've had since the the little 70cc dirtbike I had growing up. Anyways, been slowly going through it, replacing what I needed to to get the thing up and running and street legal. So, the problem I'm facing right now is what to do wth my...
1-5 of 5 Results