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  1. Classics
    I recently acquired a non running 1975 XS500, once I got it running, took a carb clean and swapping the old gas, it ran okay for about 50 mi and then started to freak out on me, I have all the symptoms of running lean (sporadic revving at idle, taking forever to rev down after stopping, engine...
  2. 4 Strokes
    I've had a 78 XS400 2E for the last year and could use some insight. I can turn it over and start it on my first kick. If it stalls or I park it for a short amount of time, I can only kick it back over with starting fluid as the compression seems pretty high and it's hard to kick over even...
  3. Waverunners
    Hi I have a Gp800R and it has been bogging down on the get-up and it can only hit 6000 rpm on a full tank. top speed is 43mph when I am close to empty it will jump up to 48mph both tested with GPS but both Speed runs bog down when it hits top speed. I did a compression test and it was really...
1-3 of 3 Results