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  1. The Lounge
    Hey there i just have a quick question. first off, I'm looking to make a big purchase (new toy) I've been doing my homework as to what I want / like. So far in the side by side world, I've been looking at the new YXZ 1000ss. the main riding ill be doing is just open country, gravel roads also...
  2. Performance ATV Mods
    Hi so i am going to make my yamaha warrior 350 into a jet ski type of thing. What would i need to make sure no water gets in, it goes 60+ mph and make sure it floats but the floating thing can be put on and taken off. I am pretty sure i could do it all myself a little help and knowledge would help.
  3. ATV Lounge
    Just bought this, doesn't have any vin numbers what so ever. Its a yamaha 4x4 on command, 90 percent sure it's a 450. Need to know the year and make and model so I can buy the parts it needs
  4. Performance ATV Mods
    Okay, I think it is time for me to lube and grease the raptor. Is there a certain recommended grease to use? How many nipples are there and locations? How much/hard lube do I apply to the nipples? What is the process? Thanks for all the help. TT
1-4 of 4 Results