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  1. Boats
    Hey, I have a Yamaha 40 hp 2 stroke outboard engine from 1990 and it runs fine otherwise but when I try to start planing it struggles. Then when I am planing ti doesn't rev all the way but I can here it trying. The revs move up and down without changing the throttle amount. Can it be a issue...
  2. Misc For Sale
    2011 Yamaha 90 hp 2 stroke outboard motor. Brand New- Never Used! It has been sitting in my shop - please text 954-214-6351 to contact Dave
    $8,200 USD
  3. New Members Introduction
    Hello all ! I’m new to motorcycles I wanna restore one as my first bike probably a bad move but wanna restore my wife’s recently deceased grandfather’s bike. The grandmother doesn’t really know what type of model the bike is and she’s still trying to find the title of the bike but in the time...
  4. 2 Strokes
    Background: Hopefully this will be useful to somebody, as I'm having a hard time finding any information about this bike online or in forums. I picked up this bike for 400 bucks at the beginning of August and had it delivered from Montana. I'm usually working on my 64 Jeep, but I moved to...
1-4 of 4 Results